Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RAW Assignment

This is a picture of my DS eating his favorite treat a Cookie!!

shutter 1/60
aperture f4
iso 400

These are my altered pictures from RAW. Wasent realy sure what to do so i changed it a little.

In this photo I used the halftone filter to make a B&W effect.

In this photo I used the diffuse glow filter.

In this photo i used the halftone and then used the history brush to bring the color back into the cookie.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Action , Action , We want Action

Jumping in the moon bounce for my DS 2nd Birthday

shutter speed 1/125
Aperture F6.3
iso 400
Light natural
Sport mode

This was taken in Mississippi on our way back to Tx. I dont know what the info is on this shot.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Assignment # 4 Landscape

This photo was taken on New Years Eve before we set off some fireworks.

i used my tripod to get a steady shot.

Assignment # 3

I couldnt realy find a good picture i had taken that had a story behind it so i found these that i had taken of my DS. My DH loves grapefruit juice and for some reason my DS just had to have a taste. I knew what was comming so i grabbed my camera to take a few sour face shots and this was the result!!
As you can see he didnt learn his leason the 1st time!!!